Honey Gentry

New single Heaven, California out now! 

Moonlight EP coming Friday 29 June 2018!


Catch it on the SPOTIFY FRESH FINDS: SIX STRINGS playlist! 

Slow and cinematic, Honey Gentry’s first single since last year is a dreamily dark piece of guitar pop. The vocals sit isolated pleading “Take me to heaven when you go”, whilst soft guitars echo in the background. Tinges of country and shimmering 50’s pop seep through every reverb-laden guitar strum, and the overall effect is deeply hypnotic.” – Bristol Live Magazine (Tracks of the Week)

“The vocals here are sure to melt even the most harden of hearts. Supported with minimal instrumental accompaniment, the strength by far is the siren like voice that will completely wreck you. Their ability to seduce while they paint a nostalgic landscape of California is rare to find. We come across a lot of artists every month, and this one might just be one of our favorites. It stays with you long after it is done.” – Ear To The Ground (Five Best Tuesday Jams)

“Honey Gentry may be based out of London but this tune she crafted  is a quintessential and more than welcome addition to the myth and folklore of the Golden State. Heaven, California is the aptly named first track from her first studio EP Moonlight to be issued on the 29th of June and is a legendary composition of sublime vocals that melt alongside a decadent sunshine infused melody. A symphonic dream by the beach–a real dream pop reality.” – Diamond Deposits

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To celebrate the release of my first single, I made a playlist of tracks that have inspired me throughout my life! Shuffle for best results! 


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