Inspiration | The Pierces

A series on the music I loved growing up, and how it inspired the music I make today!

I was lucky enough to see The Pierces live twice.

The first time, back in 2011, I saw them with my dad and my sister. We were by the front of the stage; I remember so vividly. I was in awe. Catherine and Allison really had a heavenly style, both sonically and stylistically (I was obsessed with Catherine’s kimono that she wore, and still am. See for yourself in the video!). I also loved the fact that Catherine and I shared both a birth name and a Virgo star sign.

Their tight live performance – it was a simple, classic show and they suited the venue perfectly – really inspired me to develop a voice that was clear and accurate, rather than striving to sing in a way that didn’t suit me.

The second time I saw them was at Union Chapel in Islington. Again, the venue suited them wonderfully. It is a church, and for the live performance the venue placed these tiny candles around the top of the building. The way the sound carried through the room was truly ethereal.

Of course, they also have a beautiful, authentic vintage style that was something that really inspired my own tastes – a lot of people share the style of course, but they really made it their own. Their lyrics are heartfelt and clever, and I’ll miss their presence on the musical landscape!

Want to hear more? Check out the songs: Love You More, Honest Man, It Was You, We Are Stars

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