Transmutation, Transformation

Eyes of fire, eyes of earth; think of me last, think of me first; transmutation, transformation; dissolving & coagulation

Moonbaby Magic was the first song I had written in months.

But, the seeds of the lyrics had been sown long ago.

The song is, in effect, about personal power. For me, I find that personal power through my own kind of spirituality. My journey began young – as I’ve written about before, I learned to read the Tarot at 16 years old and have relied on the cards ever since.

In the last year or so, I found that my interests in other practices were reignited through further reading that I was doing on my commute. For a long time, I have felt ‘at peace’ with the web of life; felt like I could see the strands that connected us all; felt like past, present and future existed simultaneously in a way that’s difficult to explain using any recognisable logic. Especially on the journey to ‘becoming Honey Gentry’ I felt an intense connection with this future-version of myself – she existed, and all I had to do was become her. It has been a journey of personal transformation that has been years in the making.

When I was 16 – it was a strange time – I met Grant Morrison. I met him at a book signing and he kindly signed my copy of The Invisibles. We talked about the fact that the issue I held in my hands – Issue 1 – was released the day I was born… he told me that it made him feel old. I still have my copy of The Invisibles – it’s framed – and recently I’ve come to think more about that chance meeting because it’s not in fact Morrison’s art or storytelling that I admire so. It’s his magic. (For those curious enough, I’ve signposted you to a talk he did about sigils that I particularly love.) I talk about Grant a lot because he very often explains things that I know to be true, in a way that finally makes me relieved to hear it spoken aloud by another.

I’ve travelled through – as a visitor – some of the darker paths, never stopping long enough to make a home. I’m naturally curious when it comes to hidden knowledge. However the journey has made me stronger and wiser for it. Some of what I take with me from this journey lasts with me for a lifetime. Other aspects I pick up and place down as and when I need them. Some knowledge provides insight into what I can expect from others. Different knowledge provides insight into what I can expect from myself.


Moonbaby Magic” was a phrase I just started using a few months before writing the song. It doesn’t really mean anything, per se (it’s no ancient term as far as I’m aware!), but it was as though suddenly everything was clear, and how my explorations into magic, astrology, religion, divination, the occult, had shaped me as a person. This cycle of my transformation was complete and now another phase can begin. (I can only write about something once it’s clear.)

I’m not the first person to write a song about magic – and the fact I’m a huge fan of magic-mama Stevie Nicks and moonsisters The Pierces probably made me more inclined to do so – but this one lies particularly close to my heart. I hope you’ll join me on this transformation… personally, I’m looking forward to the journey. ★

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