In the Ballroom of my mind ♡ October Update

Hello my love,

We are midway through this special month.

So far all I have to share is news of studio time, rehearsals, a renewed sense of focus and dedication from Ruben and I. Over the summer I was floating a little, floating through space, flitting between ideas, living with one foot in reality and one foot… not quite in reality. But I’m ready to take what I’ve learned and channel it into the music and I tell you, I couldn’t be more excited.

I shared a new cover earlier this week, my rendition of Lana Del Rey’s 13 Beaches from her most recent album, Lust for Life.  Although Honeymoon remains my favourite album from Miss Del Rey, LFL had some gorgeous songs, some of the best of her career I would go so far to say. 13 Beaches is one of those songs.

I loved this song from the moment I heard it, although it took on new meaning after I spent some time in the places mentioned specifically in the songs. California has such a magical, inspiring quality and this song just takes me back to the Pacific Coast in an incredibly special way…

As I mentioned in my last post, Heaven, California is available on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, all your favourite services!



Hoping to have an EP to share with you really soon! Big plans for this release, so I’m happy to take our time and get it just perfect!

All my love


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