sweet spring


had such a great start to april, performing live for Pirate studios. it was super weird performing in front of cameras (i find it super weird performing at the best of times lol, although i’m starting to enjoy it more and more!) and it’s really difficult for me to watch and be super critical of things like my face … but it’s all amazing experience so it’s worth getting over those insecurities. the pirate studios team were literally so friendly and professional and made us feel so welcome and were so complimentary of our set. it was such a great day.

then last friday i went to see Marina’s school of life talk.

i went with one of my bestD3avMAwXkAE7xXE.jpg friends. it was strange but beautiful to be able to see one of my teen heroes in the flesh, she’s an artist i’m so grateful that i’ve grown up with. i was surprised at myself that i didn’t get starstruck! but it was like hearing an old friend speak. she’s matured so much not just in her music but in her outlook. i’m glad that we still have her around as a voice in music, even though for a while it looked like she was finished with music. i’m glad she’s back. she’s really provided a blueprint for what i would love to achieve, not just as career aspirations but in terms of artistic outlook and thoughtfulness. artists from that “generation” of artists, the “indie pop” girls, really have matured so well and thoughtfully and i’m so grateful. so many artists who came out in 2008-2011 really paved the way for artists like me nearly a decade later so i try and think about that a lot.

i have a few days off work now, and ruben and i are going to be working on the music for a few days next week. i think i’ve written all the songs for the EP. i’m really excited about it. i want to get moving with it as i really don’t want to miss the opportunity that NME have presented me with. at the same time though, i don’t want to rush it and i want this EP to be perfect. i’m just excited to share it.

anyway. lots of love as always


ps. thank u for 20,000 streams on aphrodite omg

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