mystic music-maker. london.

Honey Gentry is a London-raised singer-songwriter. Favouring the mystical, the ethereal and the romantic, her lyrics dance around dreams, nostalgia, and love. Tipped by NME in the NME100 for 2019, and counting Nicole Dollanganger as a fan, since 2018 Honey Gentry has released two EPs in collaboration with Ruben Elbrond-Palmer (Moonlight, 2018 and Dreamlover, 2019).
Citing Mazzy Star, Grimes, Lana Del Rey, and Jeff Buckley in almost equal measures for inspiration, Honey has also self-produced, with both Aphrodite (2019) and Valentines Day 2020 release, Valentine, having her in the producer’s seat.
Honey Gentry is working on her debut album. She is a textbook Virgo.