I was asked what inspires my work…

In terms of what inspires my work, honestly almost anything can… anything romantic for the sake of romance… Laura Ashley catalogues from the 80s and 90s… Pre-Raphaelite art… the Californian coastline… sunsets and sunrises… nature in general… non-fiction about psychology and introversion and behaviour… things I read in TimePassages or my astrological newsletter I receive… mythology… “poem of the day”, a daily email I get… the Romantic period of classical music… poetic songwriters who  perform their work with tangible emotion (Jeff Buckley… Joni… Leonard… Joan… Neil Young… Led Zeppelin…)… sunlight… sunlight on water… sunlight through leaves… sunlight in a blue sky… yoga class and my yoga teacher’s pearls of wisdom… fear of death… anxiety in general… films from the 90s that remind me of my childhood…

crossing the threshold



standing on the precipice between this decade and the next

thinking about everything that has come before today and everything that will come from tomorrow

i love new years

but i need to learn to chill out about life. not every end/new beginning cycle is a death/rebirth

sometimes it’s just new years eve

i hope everyone had a wonderful festive season. it’s not the easiest time of year but, the sun will rise again tomorrow morning. that’s for sure.

i have new music coming 14 February for all the hopeless romantics. i’m going to share a preview of it tomorrow morning to usher in the new decade.

to precipices, thresholds, and 1 january

all my love


titanic rising

an album i am really enjoying living inside this past couple of months… weyes blood “titanic rising” (subpop).

this album feels like growing up to me… it feels like i am living simultaneously in my childhood, teen years, and mid-20s all in one go… girlhood encapsulated.

a lot’s gonna change… favourite line… born in a century lost to memories

mirror forever might be one of my favs on the album production-wise, it straddles contemporary influences whilst managing to sound breathtakingly timeless and classic… “can’t stand being your second best” is my fav part.

just check out the album from start to finish and then around again, wrap it around you for weeks… you won’t regret it.

Live at the Lexington (in support of Vera Sola), 24 April 2019

Thank you so much to Rockfeedback for having us in support of Vera Sola recently – we really had a great time despite some technical hiccups earlier in the day!! huge thank you to kram srednuas on YouTube who captured the performance in full!

check out their channel here to watch some more great performances of local shows!

hope to see you at the next one!

love always