our love will last forever ♡

with open, warm embrace we welcome 2018 into our lives! the year has started off well and truly on a positive note – studio time for Moonlight is booked, first gig of the year is booked, and the attitude is positive!

join me on the 28th Jan at the Gladstone in London for an acoustic set at Bark’s sunday social – more details here on facebook

connect on social media to stay up to date with the moonlight process! 





check out my latest demo of an old favourite, last forever, shared towards the end of last year…


wishing you a year filled with dreams come true, adventure, love, passion, and memories!

all my love, 


Scorpio season ♡

Hey angel,

I hope Scorpio season is treating you well. the peak of this transformative, inward-focused energy is around us today in the new moon in Scorpio… (as well as of course the Sun, Jupiter, and Venus…) it felt as good a time as any to honour my obsessive side and indulge in music a little as I love to do.



this demo, Moonlight, reminds me of the music I used to make, pre-Honey Gentry. I hope you enjoy the vibes of this little preview!

In other news… 

✨ Since Tumblr is the only platform that I regularly share music on but has no analytics/tracking, I had to manually add up all the streams of my uploads (!) and calculated it to be over 58,000!

You can download a little collection/EP of my 2017 covers for free, including some of my favourite tracks by Kate Bush, Fleetwood Mac, Neil Young and Lana del Rey.

✨ Visitors to my bandcamp page continue to arrive via the Reddit and Lanaboards threads and mentions/recommendations made by incredibly kind friends. I’d just like to thank those of you again who share my music and recommend my songs, it means the world to me and lifts my thoughts during dreary grey office days. It is a true honour.

I think that’s all for now, don’t forget to join me on social media if you haven’t already:

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all my love,



Dreams EP ♡ Free Download

I collected some covers that I recorded at home throughout 2017 into this little Dreams EP. the cover art is a shot of the ocean I took in Malibu.


13 Beaches (Lana Del Rey)
Dreams (Fleetwood Mac)
Heart of Gold (Neil Young)
Running Up That Hill (Kate Bush)

Download for free on Bandcamp. I hope you enjoy!

In the Ballroom of my mind ♡ October Update

Hello my love,

We are midway through this special month.

So far all I have to share is news of studio time, rehearsals, a renewed sense of focus and dedication from Ruben and I. Over the summer I was floating a little, floating through space, flitting between ideas, living with one foot in reality and one foot… not quite in reality. But I’m ready to take what I’ve learned and channel it into the music and I tell you, I couldn’t be more excited.

I shared a new cover earlier this week, my rendition of Lana Del Rey’s 13 Beaches from her most recent album, Lust for Life.  Although Honeymoon remains my favourite album from Miss Del Rey, LFL had some gorgeous songs, some of the best of her career I would go so far to say. 13 Beaches is one of those songs.

I loved this song from the moment I heard it, although it took on new meaning after I spent some time in the places mentioned specifically in the songs. California has such a magical, inspiring quality and this song just takes me back to the Pacific Coast in an incredibly special way…

As I mentioned in my last post, Heaven, California is available on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, all your favourite services!



Hoping to have an EP to share with you really soon! Big plans for this release, so I’m happy to take our time and get it just perfect!

All my love


Take me to Heaven…

I have just returned from, yes, California! my dream really did come true. to say I am in love is an understatement… we went to Malibu, Venice Beach, Las Vegas, Ojai, Hollywood, Silver Lake… it feels like we were there for months!

I thought I would share some footage from our recent slot at Always the Sun Festival. many thanks to Jasleen for recording the video and huge thank you to Lark Recordings for hosting us on the Bohemia stage for our first gig!


As ever, visit bandcamp to download this track and more!

September Update

Hello my friends! how are you? I hope you have had a wonderful summer, and welcome to Virgo season!

this summer has been a strange, dreamy one, straddling those lines between reality and fantasy most of the time… I’ve been getting back in touch w a side of myself that I had almost hidden entirely from sight. dark side of the moon.

this morning we played our set at Always the Sun festival in the Bohemia tent. so grateful to everyone who stopped by to listen, thank you!21430363_10155665315090912_1684668573301394279_n.jpg

this time next week I will be in California! I guess if you sing about something often enough it might just come true… my love and I will be splitting our time between LA and Las Vegas – my dream trip – and when I come back I hope to bring heaps of inspiration home with me.



it’s been a strange year for me in my personal life, with lots of changes that haven’t started to feel real yet, but when I’m home after my trip I hope to refocus my mind on our upcoming EP… lots of aspects are in place for it, we have all our rough sketches done.

I spent some time working on a new little cover, “Heart of Gold”, one of my favourite songs.


more exciting news comes in the form of an upcoming feature, I lent my vocals to a truly gorgeous song late in August and will be sharing that with you soon!

In the meantime I hope you have been keeping well. sending all my love and thoughts to everyone affected by Irma at this time, all of those still rebuilding after Harvey, and all of those whose rebuilding hasn’t yet begun…

See you in the autumn!

All my love,