dark angels


i’ve started a new instagram (yes, another one…) called @honeydreamlover where i’m documenting not just the process but the inspiration (visual and otherwise) that’s going into this new EP. mostly just to have something to look back on but also to have something semi-coherent to refer to during the production.

work really has properly “begun” on the EP, as i’ve been posting about the last couple of weeks. it has a darker tone, i think, than most of moonlight did. with what we have so far, the closest moonlight song would be bleed honey.  but we’re not even half-way finished yet so that could change. but i really enjoy exploring the darker side of things lyrically. i feel like beyond bleed honey,  moonlight said all i needed to say, at that point, i couldn’t have taken those other three songs any further.

and for that reason i’m really really glad that NME picked bleed honey as their key track because i feel like it’s the most representative “taste of things to come” that i’ve put out so far. once the EP is finished, i might feel different and the overall tone might be much lighter and dreamier, but i’ll be surprised (that’s why I like documenting things in blogs so that i can refer back to them).

i was thinking also about aphrodite, which is nearly at 10k streams on spotify in probably about a month. that’s insane for me, that’s probably the quickest a song has reached that since heaven california came out last april. so in a sense, i hope that anyone who’s new to the music and discovers that song, will enjoy the lighter side of what i’ve put out (i’m thinking, moonlight) but will also be able to appreciate the darker tones that are coming. idk. i really feel like i scratched a creative itch w that song and although i’d like to continue tentatively exploring that sound, i don’t feel the need to put out a whole EP that sounds like “aphrodite” (yet! u never know, that might change in the future).

i accidentally used the word “generic” when i was talking about aphrodite in a recent interview. and on reflection that wasn’t really what i meant. i don’t think aphrodite sounded like a carbon copy of everything else out there (and if it did, kinda who cares?) but i meant, generic for me… from a production point of view it sounded almost like a regression back to my very very early releases. it was nostalgic for me and kind of a development of my old sound, but very much reminded me why i moved away from it in the first place. towards the very end of 2018 i shared an old track i had recorded back in 2016 called “in the light”, and there is quite a similarity between aphrodite and in the light even though they are almost two years apart. there seems to be something within me as a writer that produces material about that, but she seems unchanging, and it’s the changing girl that i like.

however it was nice to explore a “beautiful for the sake of beautiful” concept in terms of production, lyrics and delivery; it’s just not where i see myself going as a songwriter if i want to actually push myself. sorry to anyone who was hoping for an EP that sounded like aphrodite! although i’m sure i’ll continue to experiment and i’m sure those experiments will still end up on youtube for anyone who wants to hear 🙂

anyway, not sure why this took such a turn, didn’t intend to write an essay, just wanted to kinda say that the EP is a little bit of a dark angel, i’ve been VERY much inspired by some of my all time favourite artists and bands that i loved when i was growing up. i think my little dark angel is going to be beautiful

until next time, all my love



hey everyone, 2019 is off to a great start. working on the new EP right now! looking forward to expanding and diving into the sounds that we hinted to on Moonlight. really can’t wait to share the first single.

hope you can join us at the sebright arms on sunday 17 feb in support of tanukichan & ellie bleach. ruben will be there too! come and say hi and enjoy a night of great music! tickets here. (18s and over sorry!)

i also had an awesome chat w ben from slanted press who wrote an amazing write-up – check that out over here. it got deep. i managed to mention marilyn manson at least twice.

love forever


“The rising singer-songwriter making elegantly sad pop to break your heart” – NME

An amazing surprise for me today – NME included me in THE NME 100! I am so delighted, elated, just over the moon! 49729321_10156933392945912_1651424258275934208_o49329092_10156933392885912_1644972040576303104_o49344592_10156933392740912_8709521878978396160_o

text reads:

From: London, UK
Sounds like: Music made to stare out to sea from the windy coasts of Britain to
For fans of: Lana Del Rey, Fleetwood Mac, Alexandra Savior
USP: A sigh that feels like it weighs a tonne, but only serves to make her songs more magical.
Why you’re going to love them: Honey Gentry knows how to craft a song for those days when you can barely lift your head off the pillow – lethargic but beautiful and poised in its misery. That all she needs is her emotive voice and barely more than a guitar to make you feel at one with her marks her out as someone very special.
Key track: ‘Bleed, Honey’


check out the whole list here: https://www.nme.com/blogs/nme-radar/the-nme-100-essential-new-artists-for-2019-2426835

thank you

this was the first year that i started to see people make something in reaction to my music. that was so surreal… here are some of them:

Screen Shot 2018-12-15 at 21.24.42.png

Screen Shot 2018-12-15 at 21.26.03Screen Shot 2018-12-15 at 21.28.23




New and Coming Soon!



Coming soon! You can order these super cute, super soft t-shirts on Bandcamp from about April 30! Keep an eye on the news for the super limited edition purchase! Super!


Yes, the Moonlight EP is coming to life at last! Heaven, California will be out on Friday everywhere – all official streaming/download services and all my direct artist-to-fan services (bandcamp, soundcloud and tumblr)!

But the super exciting news is, if you want to hear it before Friday, you can hear it on the RADIO! Tune in on Tuesday from midday 12PST (until 3PM) to tune into sparklemotion on KALX!! Listen online and on 90.7FM Berkeley 💞💘💖 Yep you can hear it before anyone else! And on those California radio waves baby!




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valentines day is upon us… 

however a lot has happened this month already! we went into the studio and recorded the upcoming Moonlight EP in just two days! There will be four tracks:

Heaven, California
Bleed, Honey
Angel, Honey

There is of course a ‘honey‘ theme to this EP, both in concept and in production; smooth, layered vocals and vintage guitar work courtesy of Ruben. You can check out the recording process on my Instagram story highlightsI am really excited to share this EP, and the first single, Heaven, California.

About the making of the Moonlight EP 

The Moonlight EP has been over a year in the making. Ruben and I met through his brilliant girlfriend, Jasleen, who ran a music blog , thnksfrthrvw that covered my old music and she was an ardent supporter of the tracks. She kindly arranged to put on a gig for me in Canterbury, where they were living at the time. Ruben and I met at the gig, and a few months later in summer 2016 Ruben sent me a message offering to provide some guitar work to my new demos. I happily sent him two: honeydew, and angel, honey. The recordings he sent  back to me blew my mind. He had captured a beauty hidden in the rough demos so artistically, the music was equal parts earthy and transcendent. The songs were formed of two equal voices; the guitar and the vocals, neither one taking starring role over the other. We worked then throughout the rest of 2016 and throughout 2017 on perfecting the demos of about seven songs, four of which have formed the Moonlight EP, and performing live for the first time at Always the Sun Festival. Throughout 2017 I met so many wonderful people, both “offline” and online, who had so much kindness and support towards what we were doing that by the end of the year I felt overflowing with love and confidence in my music in a way I have never experienced. (If you are one of those people and  you are reading this – thank you so much.) We decided towards the tail end of the year that it was time to commit the recordings to tape, as it were, and do them justice in the studio rather than our home demos. We went into the studio in the first two weekends in February, and the songs were created. And the rest is rust and stardust.

Stay tuned on release information on social media: 

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The EP was recorded and mixed at Resident Studios, London, and engineered by Caradog Jones – I’d like to thank Caradog and the Resident team for making the experience truly wonderful! My first time in a studio ever! So I was a little nervous, but I had no reason to be! And of course, thank you as ever to Ruben for making these tracks really come to life.

all my love, 

listen to what your heart says…

January has been a long month! I can’t be the only one who feels it. Bookended by full moons, it’s a month of cosmic cleansing and intention setting for the year ahead… with that in mind:

I had a great time today performing my acoustic set for Bark at the Gladstone Arms in Borough. I’ve never played at this venue before and I loved it. So intimate and, for a small venue, packed with respectful audience – what more can a little singer want?! I haven’t performed live since September at Always the Sun Festival, so I was expecting to be a little rusty to say the least! but the set went well.

Ruben and I are heading into the studio next weekend to start work on the Moonlight EP, it’s been such a wonderful process shaping these tracks into what they are becoming, the year-long work has been so worth it! i can’t wait to share the EP finally.

I also opened the year with a new demo, Desire, which you can hear below!

in preparation for the upcoming EP, i have been reflecting a lot on the path i have been walking since 2015, when i decided that i was going to “pursue” music (that is, start telling people I was a musician and actually releasing my own music! i had been uploading covers online since about 2010 but i would never tell anyone and would never dream of sharing an original!). in that time, i worked and released music under my own name, self-releasing two EPs. i had never felt fully right performing under my own name… it felt weird to introduce myself on stage… it always felt like a placeholder. but then in 2016, honey gentry was born.

the first two tracks i shared online were covers: house of the rising sun, and go with the flow. i’ve finally shared them as an EP available for download on bandcamp!

and the rest, as they say, is history!

all my love,