September 2020 | H.G. Album Release

Eve Blair premieres Valentine on BBC Radio Ulster – The Late Show with Eve Blair – to celebrate the release of H.G. – via twitter

“A fantastic first chapter in the career of a rising singer-songwriter, Honey Gentry is living up to her status as ‘one to watch’.” – The Rodeo (online/print)

“One quality of Honey Gentry’s work that seems obvious to me is her amazing voice. It’s one of those collection of vocal elements that is very familiar, yet incredibly unique, and all around pleasant. She is also one hell of a songwriter.” – Trainwreck’d Society

H.G. Vinyl campaign makes the front page of – via twitter

“…on “HG” she convinced me that she can create her own musical world. And this one is a place where it is cool and foggy, but where the sun looks shy from behind the clouds. A very atmospheric debut.” The Rockferry (Poland) – review (translated)

August 2020 

A huge honour for me to have made the front page of Ojai Valley News, Friday 21 August 2020. Thank you to Perry Van Houten for the story.

July 2020 

Honey Gentry for Fred Perry Subculture – Interview and Playlist picks

June 2020

The Bell Jar had its first BBC Radio play courtesy of Eve Blair’s Late Show at BBC Radio Ulster

14 February 2020 – Valentine/Ghosts of Lovers Past 

“UK songstress Honey Gentry has released two tracks, ‘Valentine’ and ‘Ghosts of Lovers Past’, to mark V Day. The self-produced artist’s killer vocal on the latter cut is hauntingly filmic, you’ll literally see ghosts following you down a dark alley. Honey’s sumptuous voice is both gorgeously feather-light and weighted by toil and heartbreak.” The ultimate sad girls playlist – Lizzie’s Lowdown

“Honey Gentry releases the appropriately-titled double A-side Valentine / Ghosts Of Lovers Past today, two evocative songs that intimately explore the inner workings of the mind when faced with relationships and which showcase an expressive voice that accentuates the details and draws you in.” – Even the Stars


August 22 2019 – Dreamlover EP release (PR: CharmFactory)

Dreamlover is a gorgeously haunting collection of work, projecting an impression of the singer in the toils of heartache and desperation. Its quilted soundscape is a testament to Gentry’s vocal capacity and her creative partnership with Elbrond-Palmer. Yet whilst the new EP brings its listener closer into the emotional world of Honey Gentry, there lies an essence of mystery still within the artist. Thus, the future is a tantalising prospect for this singer-songwriter delving further and crafting more intricately a unique sound-core, an entity that appears timeless on repeated listens, yet one that would thrive with careful evolution in the coming future.” – The Mic

“When NME wrote that singer-songwriter Honey Gentry was ‘making elegantly sad pop to break your heart,’ they pinned this artist perfectly. Crawling, saccharine vocals overlap reverb-soaked string led melodies in the Lana Del Ray-esque songs on Honey Gentry’s EP ‘Dreamlover’.” Neon Music

“So dive in, Folks. Dreamlover is an absolutely incredible EP that is sure to leave you wanting more. It is an incredible taste to what Honey Gentry has to offer, and let me tell you all, it’s ALOT. If Honey Gentry is not a household name in the upcoming decade, something is absolutely wrong with the world. I will forever stand by this statement.” – Trainreckdsociety

“To compare Honey to anyone would be unfair, she is her own artist with her own sonic blueprint, but to listen to Dreamlover and say you do not feel airs of del Rey and flashes of Buckley would be false. With that, it’s also unfair to say that she can’t reach the same heights as her inspirations with her melancholic, easily listenable sound. Releases come steadily from Honey, and every one solidifies her status as one of the best new artists out there. Weaving magic into her craft, the only wish from outside is for her to continue growing and growing as an artist.” – Latido

Interview with Boston Hassle

August 8 2019: Dreamlover single release (PR: CharmFactory)

“Honey Gentry is a cut above” – Atwood Magazine – single premiere and interview

“As the track curtails, Gentry floats off into the distance, back to the dream dimension, riding on a cushioned bed of spiralling guitar. Off into the palace of her dreams she goes. Float gently, Honey Gentry.” – The Mic Magazine – single review

“her vocal performance is almost magical” – lefuturewave

“The broody new single from Honey Gentry melts a reflective vocal tone into distant string pads and a slow, dreamy electric guitar accompaniment.” – The Most Radicalist

“It’s Leo season and we spoke to Honey Gentry all about it, as well as her fabulous new EP, Dreamlover, out August 22nd – the same day Leo season ends. Talk about going out with a bang.” – Rodeo Mag interview

“…part lullaby, part summoning ritual” – York Calling

“Gentry boasts old Hollywood vocals and the track feels both wistfully soothing and dreamily hypnotic.” – the national student

June 14 2019: Daydream Baby single release (PR: SaturnPR) 

“…an artist worth keeping an eye on.” – Getting to know Honey Gentry – DORK 

“spellbinding” – Meet Honey Gentry – Lizzie’s Lowdown

“Honey Gentry’s music has always obtained a tantalising sense of purity, yet Daydream Baby sees a smouldering singer toy with her audience, twirling them around her fingers until, with a deft shrug of the shoulders, she drops them and leaves them reeling as the track concludes.” The Mic Magazine – single review

“This alt-pop artist is a taste you’d die for.” – Comeherefloyd

“Dramatic, quietly restrained, and with a melancholic undertone that pervades throughout, Honey’s star is truly in the ascendancy.” – Record of the Day

February 6 2019: SlantedPress spotlight interview

In an industry fixated on the finished product, Honey Gentry is an underdog, but like all great underdogs, you’d bet on her to cause an upset, with a storm of ethereal, DIY enchantment providing poetic justice to those desiring artistic integrity. Her first body of work, 2018’s self-released Moonlight EP, pinned her on the map as Britain’s answer to Lana Del Rey, and with a style soaked in reverb, Gentry is capable of producing music of beguiling intrigue.

January 7 2019: Featured in the NME 100: essential new artists for 2019 : “The rising singer-songwriter making elegantly sad pop to break your heart”

January 7 2019: New track “Aphrodite” featured in Tracks of the Week from Bristol in Stereo. “A wonderfully otherworldly piece”


6 December 2018: named “one to watch” by SyncrMusic: “you can hear the thought, the personality, the feelings, and the authenticity in every cinematic lyric”

29 June 2018: Angel Honey“Delicious in every way…” ComeHereFloyd

Heaven California single release

“Q&A : Syncr Music Competition Winner Honey Gentry”


Slow and cinematic, Honey Gentry’s first single since last year is a dreamily dark piece of guitar pop. The vocals sit isolated pleading “Take me to heaven when you go”, whilst soft guitars echo in the background. Tinges of country and shimmering 50’s pop seep through every reverb-laden guitar strum, and the overall effect is deeply hypnotic.” – Bristol Live Magazine (Tracks of the Week)

“The vocals here are sure to melt even the most harden of hearts. Supported with minimal instrumental accompaniment, the strength by far is the siren like voice that will completely wreck you. Their ability to seduce while they paint a nostalgic landscape of California is rare to find. We come across a lot of artists every month, and this one might just be one of our favorites. It stays with you long after it is done.” – Ear To The Ground (Five Best Tuesday Jams)

“Honey Gentry may be based out of London but this tune she crafted  is a quintessential and more than welcome addition to the myth and folklore of the Golden State. Heaven, California is the aptly named first track from her first studio EP Moonlight to be issued on the 29th of June and is a legendary composition of sublime vocals that melt alongside a decadent sunshine infused melody. A symphonic dream by the beach–a real dream pop reality.” Diamond Deposits